Saturday, 29 September 2012

Yes I've been MIA

I think I am going to stop making promises to blog more because it never happens. The only excuse I have (trust me its a good one) is that my computer died. I have a new one now. Her name is Mackie. Mackie is a MacBook and I'm obsessed with her. Hopefully she will be used often for blogging but for now she is being used for Paul's homework and my Pinterest addiction.

I'm also extremely busy right now planning a wedding. Yes, you read that right. I'm planning a wedding. Event Management is my major and wedding planning is a dream of mine and I'm just getting my start. If you know of anyone who needs a wedding planner/stylist in Utah please let me know! I'm excited to start this journey of mine and happy that this bride has total faith in me.

Just to keep yall interested here is a little update.

Paul -

My sweet husband has started school at UVU this semester. His major is Media production and composition. If you know Paul, you know that this is a perfect major for him. He is extremely talented and has finally found classes that he loves to attend. He is still working full time at Vivint and still loves it and loves who he works with. He is Liam's best friend and it is so fun to watch them play together. I can't even explain to you how great he is as a father. I always knew he would be amazing at it and I am so blessed to have him be my partner during all of this craziness.

Kelsi -

As I said before, I am planning a wedding and thats pretty much the most time consuming thing in my life right now. I am also going to start training for a 10k. It's in South Carolina next year and its a 6 mile run over the Cooper River bridges. Maybe I will document my progress on here.. but I'm not making any promises! School has been put on hold for this semester since I am still adjusting to life with a baby but I hope to feel comfortable enough to start this winter.

Liam -

This little rugrat is 8 months old now! I know, I can't believe it either. He is crawling all over the place and climbing over whatever he can. He also has been standing up on things and walking around the furniture but so far no solo steps have been taken and I am perfectly fine with that! It's hard enough to keep up with him as is! Liam loves to take baths and loves to splash me. He loves food and has finally figured out how to feed himself which is awesome and not awesome all at the same time. Any little thing he can put into his mouth he thinks is food so I'm constantly on watch. We haven't had any accidents yet and I am hoping it stays that way! Liam is the happiest little boy and everyone that meets him loves him instantly. He always has a huge grin on his face and everyday with him is the best day. I am so happy to be his mom and can't wait to continue to see him grow!

So there is your little update. I am gonna go stalk pinterest and try to find inspiration for my date night outfit tonight. Over and Out. XOXO - Kelsi

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The bread is done. 1/4 of it ingested. And WOW! I'm so proud of myself! The husband loved it as well. I forgot to take a picture of the dough doubled in size. Please forgive me.. I have a 4 month old who decided to get a tooth and so I was tending to his tears aka snuggling with my boy.

Here it is after it was done baking!

Please ignore the slight deformation okay? I tried my best!

I would take a picture of me enjoying the bread but something unfortunate happened today and so I haven't looked in the mirror since I got out of the shower.

That unfortunate thing was a giant flying bug. I'm not sure if it was a bee or wasp. Maybe just a huge fly. But it scared the crap out of me. It just flew into the bathroom while I was brushing my teeth and so I ran out and shut the door and creepy flying thing behind me! Paul came to my rescue after work.. but the bug was nowhere to be found. Naturally, I'm still afraid to go into the bathroom. My bladder hates me for it.

XOXO - Kelsi

Bread Baby

Today as I was watching Private Practice I starting craving bread. Specifically Grandma Sycamore bread. If you've had it.. you understand. As I contemplated waking Liam up to go to Target to get this ever so delectable bread I had an "AH HA!" moment. I have a KitchenAid now... I can MAKE bread. So I put on my trusty heart apron and went at it! It all started with Pinterest (my main source of recipes). I found this recipe and started my first ever bread experience. I have made rolls and pizza dough before but never bread so I was super excited. I went to the pantry and got all my ingredients out and started the bread journey.. or brouney for those of you who like to shorten two words into one. If you haven't made bread before let me warn you of something. Yeast. Why you ask? Only because it's the creepiest thing ever. I dissolved the sugar and added the yeast and it just started bubbling like it was some sort of sea creature getting close to the surface of the water. I had to turn away and google pictures of what yeast should look like when its "proofed". After a few minutes I added the flour, cranked up the speed, and this gorgeous dough formed. It was a proud moment. I didn't take pictures because, as I have made clear in earlier posts, I suck at taking pictures. Good thing my brouney isn't over yet. The dough is rising right now. I will take a picture when its doubled in size. And obviously when its done baking. Back to my episode of Private Practice! Oh.. here is a little viewing pleasure for enduring this ridiculously boring post.

Monday, 21 May 2012


I said I would blog more so I gave myself a goal - to write at least one blog a week. I know its not much.. and if the bloggers I follow only blogged once a week I would be a little upset BUT its a start. and then I figured out that more blogging = more picture taking. more picture taking = more motivation to go running. more running = endorphins. Endorphins make you happy and happy people don't kill their husbands. Speaking of husbands - mine just killed an ant that was making its way to my neck on the couch. I love him for his keen eye and the fact that he knows I would have freaked out if that ant touched me. We apparently have an ant problem. And by problem I mean I have seen 2 ants in my house.. I consider that a problem. I hate ants. Now I feel like I have things crawling all over me. We've all experienced that before right?

Let's give this blog a purpose shall we?

This year was my first mothers day. Before I had Liam I don't think I realized how amazing mothers day is  and I don't think I ever really appreciated the holiday and what it meant.  Being a mother is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Loving someone unconditionally and knowing that they love you and need you is seriously the best feeling in the world. Paul did a fantastic job of making me feel special on my first mothers day. He woke up with Liam to feed him, he made me breakfast, and he cleaned up the house for me. I got to sit around and just be lazy. How fantastic is that? I wish I had taken pictures. I vow to do better.

With how rewarding being a mother is its equally as exhausting. I know that Liam is still young and once he gets older and starts running all over the place its going to be even more exhausting but that kid sucks everything out of me! Having a day that is dedicated just to mothers and their hard work is awesome. I know appreciate the holiday and what it represents.

Let's get to the gifts shall we..

I got this beauty that I've been drooling over ever since I became a wife.
It's gorgeous right?? I also got a ring that says Liam. I am obsessed with that as well. I tried to get a good picture of it.. but it just doesn't photograph well. I will try again eventually.

A big thank you to the wonderful mothers that I have around me that set an amazing example. I look up to all of you and just hope I can be a fraction of what you are. XOXO - Kelsi

Thursday, 3 May 2012

I'm terrible..

It has been a VERY long time since I have blogged. Luckily those who follow my blog are also my facebook friends so they still know whats going on with my life and so I don't feel THAT bad. Well, biggest news since my last post.. my sweet baby boy Liam was born. January 11, 2012 @ 12:11 - 18 hours after I got the hospital. Longest day of my life.. but also the most rewarding. I can't imagine life without him. I love being a Mom and I love seeing Paul as a Dad.

After realizing my lack of posts lately and also seeing that my old blog had over 10,000 views.. I decided that I wanted to get back to blogging. It's relaxing, releasing, rewarding, and all those other good "re" words.

I guess I will start with Liam's birth story. I will try my best to remember everything but it was almost 4 months ago and I definitely suffer from "Mommy Brain". All you Mom's know what I'm talking about. Right?

Okay first off my due date was Jan 3rd and I was waiting anxiously for this little guy to come. Every time I felt a contraction or anything weird I secretly crossed my fingers that I was going into labor. I was having steady contractions for about a month before my due date and had a couple of "false alarms" but on the 3rd they were so consistent and so strong that I thought for SURE I was going to have him. So we grabbed our bags, grabbed my Mom, and headed to the hospital. I was there for 4 hours contracting continually.. and then they sent me home. THOSE JERKS! They kept me there long enough that I thought "Hey! Today is the day!" Nope. 2 days later I had an appointment with my doctor. She pulled out this chart thing that I didn't understand.. and basically told me that she couldn't induce me until I was 41 weeks. The only reason I didn't slap her in the face was because she gave me an exact date to expect my little man and all I had to do was wait until that day and then I would be done.

Jan 9 - Paul and I decided to take advantage of our last day as a family of 2. We went to dinner, went shopping, and just had some quality "us" time. It was amazing and I highly recommend all couples that are expecting do something like that. We knew that the next morning we would be getting a call from the hospital letting us know when we could come in and that made it EXTREMELY difficult to sleep. In fact.. I didn't. We got the call at about 5 AM. So we grabbed the bags, got in the car, and we were on our way! I was shaking a bit and kept wishing I had peed before we left because the nerves were definitely hitting my bladder hard. We got to the hospital, I changed into my sexy gown, the doctor started the pitocin, and we just waited. and waited. and waited. and waited. I told my mom that she could just come whenever she woke up because I figured I would be waiting for awhile and I needed at least one person in the room with me that wasn't a total zombie. At that point Paul and I looked like we straight up walked out of our graves that morning and waiting for a baby makes it really hard to get sleep. So moving on from all this boring stuff... At about 1 pm they decided it was time to try and get the ball rolling so they attempted to break my water. Nope. The nurse couldn't get it. So they decided to wait longer because obviously my body just wasn't ready. Trust me MY BODY WAS FREAKING READY! I only felt that way because I was a total hippo wannabe and was sick of it. I had great doctors and even if I hated them at the time - I realize they were just doing what was best for me and the baby. So at about 3 they tried to break my water again and this time it broke on its on before they could even think of trying to to do it themselves. WOOOHOO. I politely thanked my body for finally cooperating. So apparently after your water breaks you should dilate a lot faster than before. Not me! I wasn't doing anything. Not cool. As I sat there watching Baby Mama (by myself because my two helpers thought it would be okay to sleep) I was wondering why the heck I was in the so much pain but not having a baby it seemed so easy for Amy Poehler. And then I realized - HEY! Epidural please! So a cute old doctor with cute little suspenders came in to give me the epidural. I was more terrified of that freaking needle than of actually having the baby. A pinch and a bee sting later and I was done. Not so bad. Note to self : always trust the man in the suspenders - hes nice. More waiting.. still not dilating.. starting to panic.. epidural not strong enough... kill me now. Thats basically how it went. The epidural was making everything numb but not helping ease the pain of the contractions. So the sweet man in the suspenders came back in and gave me a stronger dose. I finally got some relief and then heard the nurse say the words "C section". Panic once again. As my heart rate soared.. so did my little mans. They had me on oxygen to try and regulate my breathing and help the baby relax. After a bunch of  "inhale, 2, 3, exhale, 2, 3" I started to get a little angry. This was me "OH NO SHE DIIIINNNT JUST SAY C SECTION, WHO DOES THIS MOUSY LITTLE GIRL THINK SHE IS! I WILL BUSSSSST A CAP GGGIIIRRRLL" Or... something like that. After my burst of anger I decided it was time to get a blessing. I had my mom call my grandpa and he called our bishop and they were on their way. At 10 pm those sweet men came in their pajamas to help me out. I was determined to not have a C section. After they left I immediately started to dilate.4, 5, 6, 7, oh my we are at 10! In just a couple hours I was finally ready to get this little guy out! The doctor came in told me what to do.. and 7 pushes later I had a beautiful baby boy. Those 18 hours were absolutely worth it. His gorgeous blonde hair. His long lanky body. His sweet little lips. His strong heartbeat. I can't even explain how wonderful it was to finally have him in my arms. That night was a blur. I had the nursery keep him for the night and bring him to me for feedings and he was a perfect little angel and I finally got some sleep. Little Liam had jaundice so we were in the hospital for 4 days. It was a hard 4 days but we made it! We got to take our sweet baby home and everything has been amazing ever since.

Well, there's the story. The longggg boring story. Now the fun begins!! I will try my best to update my blog as often as possible.